“Tuskheads ability to grab his listener’s attention through his personally crafted lyrics is a testament to his songwriting strengths.”

~ Buzzmusic

tuskhead patrick van zandwijk portrait
Photo by Ellen Thomassen

When an artist is in deep contact with his music and truly believes in his creation, that music becomes Art. In the overcrowded and frenetic nowadays music scene, it is hard to find artists who take the time to create timeless songs, meaningful and emotional. 

Patrick van Zandwijk, aka TuskHead, is a talented musician, singer, and songwriter whose sound is unique and distinguishable. Tuskhead shapes his sound, incorporating a blend of genres that, perfectly balanced, create that distinctive sound and emotional vibes that are his trademark.

TuskHead has the gift of turning dreams and emotions into memories and feelings, which only great artists have.

Music’s limitless creative arc is being presented through the captivating verses of country, bluegrass and pop by artist TuskHead.