USA Travel Blog #3

The road to reunion

Exploring Nashville's Music History

After a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast, it was finally time to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. I went early so it wasn’t that busy and I could get my tickets quickly. I didn’t do much research beforehand, so stepping into the elevator, I didn’t know what to expect. The museum starts at the third floor, and as you move through it, you journey through the history of country music.

Exiting the elevator, I encountered an exhibition about Bill “Whispering Bill” Anderson, a country music legend since 1957. He wrote the hit song “City Lights” while in college, later becoming the longest-serving member of the Grand Ole Opry.

The museum’s journey through country music history was captivating, from its folk origins to the first artists, early guitars, and careers like Patty Loveless’. The museum was a treasure trove of guitars, classic cars, stage outfits, records, and even a guitar workshop and recording studio.

Check out the gallery below for a glimpse of the museum’s highlights!

What fascinated me the most were the stories, instruments, and records of artists I listen to daily, from classic icons like Jerry Reed to modern talents like Morgan Wade. Jerry Reed’s custom guitar with a flat cutaway for better neck access immediately caught my eye. I also enjoyed spotting gold and platinum records of my favorite artists.

After exploring most of the museum and accidentally skipping a floor due to an elevator mishap, I visited the “hall of fame,” where I stood among the legends officially inducted into the Hall of Fame, gaining insights into their stories.

With my visit complete, it was time to grab a bite to eat. I had plans to meet my musician friend Elliott Adkins on the 5th floor of the Cambria Hotel at 6 p.m. Elliott also creates fantastic music, with his latest single, “Music City, USA,” being a personal favorite. (Don’t miss it when you have a chance!)  We enjoyed a drink while catching up on my USA travels, music careers, and more.

After watching fantastic live performances together from Ken Meyer, Wyatt Edmonson, and Naomi Campbell, I said my goodbyes, received tips for Atlanta, and headed back to the hotel for some work before an early night’s rest. The next day, I had to make the drive to Atlanta to pick up Robin, as she would be joining me recording some music, and to meet an old friend.

Atlanta travels

The road to Atlanta turned into a rather uneventful day. I prepared myself for the drive to Atlanta and checked out of my Nashville hotel. Before leaving for Atlanta I had to swing by Guitar Center to give the Bajo Quinto another shot. After a bit of strumming, I hit the road.

The drive was long but smooth, and I reached my Atlanta hotel around 5:30 PM, a cool self-check-in place that looked like an old church. The service was excellent, with complimentary drinks, fruit, muffins, and more. I took a break before heading to the airport to pick up Robin, which ended up being quite the wait due to a flight delay.

The next day we had plans to meet my friend Raimond and his wife Erna. Raimond and I have a history working together on sled dog team Snow Blizzard back when I worked for IV experts. We called an Uber and headed to PERC, a fantastic coffee place in midtown Atlanta. After an enjoyable chat about my travels, Raimond’s plans in the USA, and our work with Snow Blizzard, we parted ways with our friends and started exploring Midtown and downtown Atlanta.

Around 1 PM, a sudden rain shower soaked us on our way to the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic site. After a quick tour, we returned to the hotel for a shower and some rest.

Struggling to stake awake we just ordered Uber Eats and watched a movie on Netflix. Now, if you know me, you know I’m a Mortal Kombat video game fanatic. On September 14, they released early access to the latest game, Mortal Kombat 1 (which is actually the 12th installment in the franchise). I delved into the game on my Nintendo Switch before falling asleep around 10 PM.

Next up was another day of non-stop travel. We left Atlanta, headed for our next stop, Louisville, where we’d meet my friend Stephanie Heitz and her husband.

The next day held the promise of great adventures so stay tuned for the next blog! If you don’t want to miss any of my travel stories, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter!