“Embracing soulful sonic elements of country, rock, and pop, popular artist TuskHead proves his musical mastery once again, through his alluring new single ‘Regrets’.”

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The new TuskHead single ‘Regrets’ is now available worldwide! The resonator-driven country song features Glenn Welmann on drums and Debora & Rebecca on backing vocals.

Click here to listen to ‘Regrets’ on your digital platform of choice.

TuskHead has the gift of turning dreams and emotions into memories and feelings, which only great artists have.

Interview with Daily Music Roll

Daily Music Roll on ‘Regrets’:

Music’s limitless creative arc is being presented through the captivating verses of country, bluegrass, and pop by artist TuskHead. He is back with the blissful credence of his newly released track ‘Regrets’ that brims with the creative belle of lyrical and musical modules all set in one continuous flow of cultural coordination. The song also features artists Debora and Rebecca as backing vocalists along with Glenn Welman’s percussionist instincts making the song a collective scope of a creative roundabout. From the use of musical elements to placing them in the right chronology of the song’s thematic progression, he stands out as an artist of purpose and pursuits.

I also did an interview with Daily Music Roll about the new single. Click on the button below to read the interview I did with Daily Music Roll.